Digital Exhibition

To celebrate our 50th anniversary we took a closer look at our festival’s history, examined its beginnings in GDR times and tried to work out how the event has developed since then and what were the trend-setting factors of this development. The digital exhibition based on this research is a first attempt to provide access to a festival memory for all interested people – but especially for future generations of students who make this festival possible year after year.


From beginning to end you can chronologically scroll through the history of Sehsüchte. Or click on the bar on the right edge of the screen to jump between the individual festival eras. 

The last four chapters also represent a small digital archive; with a trailer library, a poster gallery, individual pages for all 50 festival editions and a guestbook of well-known media personalities who have been part of Sehsüchte in the past.

Compiled by the History Team of the 50th Sehsüchte 2021 – Cansin Kuyuköy and Katharina Kauth.


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