Sehsüchte - 46th International Student Film Festival

26.4. – 1.5.2017

The Sehsüchte Program offers up-and-coming filmmakers from 32 different countries a platform to present their films to a well-deserved audience. Every work, be it fictional or documentary, short or long, develops its own approach to making narration and perspectives real. The Sehsüchte films this year offer an extremely personal view into topics such as migration, loneliness, death, identity, love, family and relationships. A reflection of life.

Motto / Theme / Focus surfaces
Partner Country Poland
Venues Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Babelsberg,
Film Museum Potsdam
Films 130
Countries 32
Prize Money 39500 €


RegieFred Funk
KameraGeorg Meyer
ProduktionLevy Spéder


GesamtkoordinationChristian Burgis, Sarah Hoffmann, Sebastian Köppen
Main ProgramMalte Hennig, Henrike Rau, Jeanette Deppe, Eva Maria Lütticke, Vivien Lütticke, Lisa Nawrocki, Rita Strasburger, Judith Wajsgrus, Celia Ruppert, Stefan Wirth
MarketingTimo Jordan, Anna-Sophie Philippi, Leonie Below, Stefan Babuliack, Matthias Heider, Rebecca Scharlach, Tobias Börner, Phil Clausen,
Jury & GästeJulia Franke, Nastassja Boreiko, Elina Reimche, Sascha Orth
Event ManagementDaniel Flamme, Michelle Martin, Tanja Wassiljev, Pune Djalilehvand, Laura Obereisenbuchner, Chiara Schenk, Marco Wietzorek
Spotlight Production & ShowcaseSarah Dombrink, Virginia Martin, Sharon Huppertz
RetrospectiveJulian Gruß, Ilaria Pompei
SchreibsüchteIskander Kachcharov, Matthias Hufgard, Charlene Gürntke
FutureCarolin Wenzel, Lina Mareike Zopfs
Technik & KinoprojektionArnim Donath, Christian Böhlke, Tobias Festag, Gregor Peetz, Maximilian Wolf


Feature FilmFlorian Bartholomäi, Pola Beck, Martin Langer, Dagmar Seume
Documentary FilmGrit Lemke, Julia Weingarten, Andreas Bjunér, Irene Höfer, Jan Soldat
Short Film FictionMiriam Dehne, Simone Hanselmann, Jakob M. Erwa, Judith Kaufmann, Andreas Wodraschke
Genre FilmPaul Andexel, Nadine Gottmann, Thomas Stiller, Adrian Topol
Music VideoClaus Capek (Keule), Uwe Flade, Lotta Killian, Michael Weiner (Howie Yagaloo)
Spotlight ProductionMatthias Adler, Ronald Vietz, Saralisa Volm, Jamila Wenske, Kirstin Wille
ScreenplayLana Cooper, Bob Konrad, Richard Kropf, Henriette Lippold
PitchIvo-Alexander Beck, Adrienne Fuhr, Brigitta Manthey, Martina Nix, Jakub Paczkowski
Future: TeensClarissa Brockhaus, Arved Friese, Hamid Heydari, Johanna Misselwitz, Jasper Stein, Lea van Acken, Irma Weiche,
Future: KidsSmilla Erlenbach, Immanuel M. Heil, Marc Julian Prante, Phillip Luca Prante, Marie Schuster, Quito Michel Willmann, Alina Ziebarth

Winning Films

All of us
Germany, 2016 | Producer: Tobias Rosen

The islamist terror militia Al-Shabaab has been terrorizing Kenya for almost a decade. Fear and distrust grows between Christians and Muslims. Until Muslim and Christian passengers come together in solidarity during a terrorist attack on a travel bus. A story that travelled the entire world.

 Best Production Achievement (Spotlight)

France, 2016 | Director:: Alexandre Arpentinier

Two astronauts, a planet and only one flag to conquer it. What we have always known is that we are not alone in the universe. In the end there is always something bigger out there.

 Best Genre Film

Beyond the Snowstorm
Germany, 2016 | Director: Levin Peter

The silent puzzle piece, that is always missing in stories from the past. Beyond the Snowstorm, softly but persistently, approaches the question of this missing piece of memory from our grandparents' stories and their impact on the relationships between generations. A film about the difficult balance between clarification and fragile interpersonality.

 Best Documentary

Cloud Rider
Switzerland, 2017 | Director: Manuela Rüegg

Maximilian loves to make origami cranes and lives high above the clouds in his own fantasy world. His mother is not amused with his daydreams, because she wants him to concentrate on school and fencing. Maximilian feels increasingly stressed and his own place of retreat is beginning to waver.

 Best Children's Film

Dornröschen 2.0 – Eine Prinzessin wacht auf!
Germany, 2016 | Screenplay: Gesa Scheibner

The bewitched Sleeping Beauty is finally woken by a kiss in the year 2016. Not by Prince Charming, however, but by the 14 year old Dennis. Together the odd couple go on a chaotic adventure to break the curse of the evil witch.

 Best Screenplay

Hymyilevä Mies
Finland, 2016 | Director: Juho Kuosmanen

1962: Olli Mäki is at the beginning of his carreer as a professional boxer. He is close to winning the word title in featherweight boxing. However, instead of being driven by ambition, he is overcome with feelings of doubt. Between his loving relationship to his girlfriend and his manager's will to win, Olli needs to sort out his priorities.

 Best Feature Film

MeTube 2: August sings Carmina Burana
Austria, 2016 | Director: Daniel Moshel

After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!

 Best Music Video

Netherlands, 2016 | Director: Daan Bol

Sia, Bas and Vince are all in the rockband Morganas Illusion. But when Sia is diagnosed with heavy depression the future of the band is at stake. A documentary about growing up, friendship and the power of music.

 Best Youth Film

The Elusive
Belgium, 2016 | Director: Ely Chevillot

The story of the relationship between the boy Clément and his mother Catherine is told. After he molests a girl from school, Catherine tries to confront him with his wrong behavior.

 Best Feature Film Short

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