49th Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival

23.9. – 27.9.2020

20:20 Vision is our new festival motto.

In optometry, the term 20:20 vision describes the ability to see in clarity and sharpness.

The 49th edition of the Sehsüchte Festival takes these attributes of seeing as its leitmotif and focuses on the future. Not only in the context of film design and film experience, but also in future politics, culture, society and the new technologies that have already influenced us and will continue to shape us. This year's motto is therefore a call to everyone to look at things with an unbiased, unadulterated and lifelike view and to face them, whether as filmmaker, student or festival visitor. Our perspectives and our actions can make the visions for the coming years come true and thus decisively change our environment and ourselves.

Motto / Theme / Focus 20:20 Vision
Venues Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF,
Thalia Programm Kinos,
Waschhaus Potsdam,
Kino & Bar in der Königstadt,
Bali Kino
Submissions 974
Films 100
Countries 32
Events 56
Prize Money 32500 €


CastChaun Gao, Naffie Janha, Simon Serra, Alexandra Tolchynsa, Felix Utting
RegieJan-Peter Horstmann
ProduktionsleitungMariella Frey
KameraLasse Frobese
MontageLouis Huwald
MontageassistenzJannik Eckenstaler
KompositionAnna Kühlein
Szenografie und RequisiteMandy Peterat
SzenenbildassistenzPaul Schille, Sophia Alexandra Rötschke
KostümJennifer Rudelove
KostümbildassistenzNarod Aghakhanian
MaskeJanika Wever
HerstellungsleitungAndrea Wohlfeil
ProduktionsassistenzLisa Baumgarten
Set-AufnahmeleitungLisa Baumgarten
Set-RunnerAlina Antonia Rehhahn, Moritz Waldvogel
RegieassistenzJames Robert Collier
Script/ContinuityJames Robert Collier
Zweite KameraassistenzFynn Koppenbrink
OberbeleuchterJan Philip Ernsting
BeleuchterJanis Brod, Jakob Grasboeck, Edgar Fischnaller
SounddesignAnna Magdalino
MischungSamuel L. Schwenk, Colin Shaw
Production SupervisorUli Kunz
MasteringEnrico Matthias
ConformingDoreen Borchert
FarbkorrekturDoreen Borchert
Betreuende Professor*innen und LehrkräfteYoliswa von Dallwitz
Besonderer DankMartin Hämer vom Mehrgenerationenhaus Nuthetal e.V.


GesamtkoordinationLisa Nawrocki, Mats Sprave, Rita Strasburger
Jury & GästeSarah Herbst, Nicola Land, Sara Rauschning
Main ProgramOlga Baruk, Tasya Martin, Carolin Schramm, Saskia Bender, Simon Schäfer, Nina Dekker, Charlotte Hochegger, Sofia de Angelis Galván
360°Conrad Mildner, Julian Erdmann
FutureEva Lütticke, Birte Rauch
Focus Production & ShowcaseRomy Wagner, Luna Fischer
SchreibsüchteMareike Ellerhoff, David Segler
RetrospectiveDaniel Körling, Marisa Menzel, Maria J. Robles
Event ManagementStefan Wirth, Leah Lomb, Lea von den Steinen, Cansin Kuyuköy, Antonia Lochmann, Till Morgenfrüh
Stage ManagementAnna Göpfert, Isabel Rojas
MarketingMarvin Hoffmann, Jana Krug, Luisa Müller, Sophie Hirtz, Rosalie Raidel, Moritz Waldvogel, Linda M. Bui
ExhibitionPhil Clausen, Rita Eperjesi, Anna Eschenbacher
Technical ManagementIngolf-Christopher Facius
Cinema ProjectionArnim Donath, Philipp Eichel, Sophia Derda


Bester Spielfilm LangBurghart Klaußner, Anne Bolick, Marina Anna Eich, Anne Fabini, Burhan Qurbani
Bester Kurzfilm/AnimationTine Kluth, Marcus Pohlus, Alexandre Espigares
Best DocumentaryMarc Böhlhoff, Eva Stotz
Best ScreenplayAlexander Dydyna, Ruth Toma, Dana Löffelholz
Best PitchSebastian Colley, Joya Thome, Cornelia Ackers, Ricarda Seifried
Best ProductionPeter Hartwig, Grit Belitz, Anna de Paoli, Dana Messerschmidt, Nurhan Sekerci-Porst
360°Daniela Schütz, Linda Brieda, Felix Gaedke

Winning Films

Austria, 2019 | Director: Alexander Gratzer

An existentialist storybook in the three chapters: two pondering birds, one overqualified duo of soldiers, and a gloomy married polar bear couple. Dialectically interwoven through the simple presence of a juicy apple.

 Best Animation Film

Madagascar, 2019 | Director: Lina Zacher

In a juvenile detention center in Madagascar the detainees explore film as a medium from behind the camera. The experimental project is more than a documentary about their everyday life behind bars, with a special focus on the young people’s conflict with themselves.

 Best Documentary

France, 2019 | Director: Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran

A German couple is on a swift ride on the famous tram n°28 in Lisbon. After a failed change of switches the tram rides on, unbraked. A wild roller coaster ride begins.

 Future Kids

Germany, 2020 | Director: Miriam Suad Bühler

The big theories of ancient philosopher Plato transformed into fictional stories and set in modern times.

 Best Pitch

Russia, 2019 | Director: Zhenia Kazankina

Paulina and Nadia both work in a small, deserted hotel. Their fantasy is the only way to escape the boring everyday life, and enables them to go to paradise-like places and be whoever they want to be. A new guest’s arrival forces Paulina to question her life.

 Future Teens

The dove and the wolf
Mexico, 2019 | Director: Carlos Lenin Treviño

Paloma and Lobo are escaping their hometown’s violence. With the power of their love, they try to cope with the new situation. Driven by nostalgia and fear, Paloma wants to return while Lobo is held back by a haunting memory.

 Best Feature Film

The Lost Scot
United Kingdom, 2019 | Director: Julien Cornwall

Three Brits, a Scot, a rifle - in the middle of nowhere. What could go wrong? Dark British humour combined with loads of rain, mud and misunderstandings.

 Best Feature Film Short

The rain that is falling now was also falling back then
Germany/Romania, 2019 | Director: Christian Zipfel

Manix, Cristian and Busluic serve time in a Romanian prison on the external EU border. Time seems to be walled in between bars and concrete. The 360° angle of this medium feels chained and confined in the narrow hallways, cells and yards.

 Best 360° Film

Time of Monsters
Germany, 2019 | Director: Florian Hoffmann

1914 shortly before the beginning of the First World War. With high hopes, the Calvinist nurse Elsa (19) begins her service in a remote infirmary in the German colony of Kamerun. But soon colonial monotony and everyday violence opens an abyss that throws her well-ordered world view into turmoil.

 Best Screenplay

Trading Happiness
Vietnam/Germany, 2019 | Producer: Pia To

In order to reduce her family’s debts, Vietnamese Nghi decides to marry her daughter Phuong to a Chinese man, a stranger. But the bride disappears shortly after the wedding. Nghi has to make a decision: what is she willing to give for her family’s happiness.

 Best Production

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