51st International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte

20.4. – 24.4.2022

Just nine months ago, Sehsüchte celebrated its 50th anniversary in unusual summery fashion, with audiences and film teams igniting our campus with all the cinephile life we had dearly missed. Though still limited by the pandemic, we’re aiming to bring back even more of those vital connections which have always made Sehsüchte a place that fosters films, the creatives behind them, and links them to the industry they will soon shape. Looking back at the five decades that have preceded us and where we’re at right now, Sehsüchte is also conscious of how we need to change. We’ve laid the groundwork to make our festival a more diverse and inclusive space –
both on and off screen. If Sehsüchte wants to honour its promise of empowering a new generation of filmmakers, we must do our part in ensuring that the future belongs to all, not just a select few.

Guided by this year’s motto radiance, we want to celebrate all those who have always made Sehsüchte a special place, gifting us their inspiring films, sharing their insights on panels, and connecting with each other. So, join us in shining a light on a new generation of filmmakers whose brilliance will soon radiate far beyond Babelsberg.

Motto / Theme / Focus radiance
Partner Country United States of America
Venues Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF,
Thalia Programm Kinos,
Film Museum Potsdam
Submissions 900
Films 128
Countries 29
Events 27
Visitors 3
Prize Money 35000 €



Festival ManagementSara Rauschning, Moritz Nehlich, Philipp Eichel
MarketingKatharina Delmenhorst, Sebastian Möller Palza, Calista Reimers, Hannah Köhne, Simon Zanger, Alissa Dornier, Bastian Kraus, Elisa Flores, Friederike Ortmann, Celina Schonert, Phil Claußen
Event ManagementChristin Huchel, Jasper Graeve, Carlotta Monz, Till Wagner, Leonhard Klein
Main ProgrammeAntonia Matthes, Elli Leeb, Tinett Kähler, Rebecca Schmidt, Alexander Lang, Nathalie Klein, Hannah Keller
FutureLara Verschragen, Amal Schütz
Focus ProductionLina Jäkel, Clemens Meyer
SchreibsüchteKatharina Kauth, Vincent Edusei
360°-FilmJulia Schellenberg, Jakob Eisele
RetrospectiveMaren Voege, Elli Zill, Milan Bath
ExhibitionLucas Grey, India Aparicio, Johanna Hartmann, Malte Hildebrand, Andreea Mircea
Jury & Guest ManagementSinje Irslinger, Luca Perschul, Annika Gedlek
Show ManagementPaula Cornelius, Warangkhana Kaßner, Joana da Silva
Diversity ManagementCansin Kuyuköy, Danae Louisou-Manske
Finances AssitantMoritz Waldvogel
DCP ManagementRosa Galli, Valeriia Khazan


Feature FilmJulia Becker, Leonard Scheicher, Karl Kürten
Short Film & Animated FilmTucké Royale, Jan Stolz, Lukas Alexander von Horbatschewsky, Alexander Isert
Documentary FilmSebastian Schultz, Yana Höhnerbach, Weina Zhao
Focus ProductionKirill Krasovski, Çağdaş Eren Yüksel, Ephraim Bruschkowski, Petra Schleuning
360°-FilmGerda Leopold, Lauren Moffatt, Esther Rothstegge
Best PitchJamila Wenske, Wenka von Mikulicz, Jan Wagner
Best ScreenplayDayan Kodua, Susann Schadebrodt, Driton Sadiku, Melanie Waelde, Jakob Zimmermann
Future KidsGreta Gröning, William Moczinek, Marlon Barth, Lucie Biesinger, Billie Bo Hausmann
Future TeensGrischa Papior, Nele Zenker, Clara Moor, Asnakech Juergens, Fanny Chaouli

Winning Films

Eine Krankheit wie ein Gedicht
Germany, 2022 | Director: Jelena Ilic

A personal documentary film with animated elements. In it, Jelena tells of her greatest fear: her father’s immanent release from prison. And of the illness which brought him there. A father-daughter relationship - between unconditional love and boundless fear.

 Best Pitch

Germany, 2021 | Director: Pavel Mozhar

Summer 2020, the uprising against the belarussian dictator Lukaschenko is brutally put down and many of the demonstrators are arrested. In a minimalist yet expressive re-enactment, Handbook visualises methods of torture and imprisonment as a cold-blooded choreography.

 best documentary (short)

How the room felt
Georgia, 2021 | Director: Ketevan Kapanadze

The camera takes a close-up look at the lives of a community of lesbian and non-binary people in the Georgian city of Kutaisi. Around the football matches the protagonists meet to celebrate, discuss, dance, love, laugh and thus create a safe space far away from the outside world.

 best documentary (long)

Lili Alone
China/Singapore, 2021 | Director: Jing Zou

The young mother Lili flees from the countryside to the city to support her family financially. There, however, she falls into the clutches of a surrogacy agency and directly finds herself in another desperate situation. Within the oppressive building complex, Lili searches for security and independence.

 Best Feature Film Short

No Dogs Allowed
Germany, 2022 | Scriptwriter: Stephan Kämpf

Gabo (15) is in love for the first time in his life; but not with his boyfriend Max (15), but the nine-year-old boy next door. Overwhelmed by this realisation, Gabo seeks out other people on the Dark Net who feel the way he does and soon finds himself at the centre of a criminal investigation.

 Best Screenplay

France, 2021 | Director: Marie Larrivé

A father and his estranged daughter meet unexpectedly on their way to Naples to identify a corpse via DNA-test. In the shade of the Italian summer, the two get to know each other again and dive together into the memories of an unprocessed past.

 Best Animation Film

Netherlands, 2021 | Director: Idriss Nabil

Revelinho is a big fan of Dutch folk music and tries to process his parents’ problems through his songs. Together with his friends, he will do everything in his power to set things right again at home with his performance at an open mic concert.

 Future Kids

Germany, 2021 | Director: Michael Bohnenstingl

The amateur musician Slouch already sees himself on the big stage but plays in front of empty clubs instead. Driven by ambition, sensationalism, and his musically gifted demon Nuffti, he neglects his girlfriend and drifts further and further into a spiral of excess.

 Best Genre Film

The Bright Path
Germany, 2021 | Director: Iryna Riabenka

In 2014, a part of the Donbas fell under separatist control. The Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseyey reported from his hometown of Donezk. In 2017 he was abducted because of this, only being released in 2019. In 2020, he works on a book in Kyjiw in which he processes his experiences in prison “isolation”.

 Best Production

The Den
Italy, 2021 | Director: Beatrice Baldacci

When Lia moves into the long-abandoned house next door, Giulio is hooked. Her aloof, sullen manner fascinates and confuses him. But her greatest secret seems to be concealed in the old villa at the other end of the garden. A coming-of-age drama about relationships, commitments and first love.

 Best Feature Film

The growling sea
Germany, 2022 | Director: Niklas Grüter

While we dive into the monstrous, yet aesthetic and bustling world of shipping containers, sailors tell us about their lives, which became even more dreary during the pandemic.

 Best 360° Film

The Odyssey
Australia, 2021 | Director: Emmanuelle Mattana

An Australian school class’ online lesson turns into a Zoom fairy-tale, in which two smitten schoolgirls can visit each other through the screen, entering their own fantasy. Here, the virtual and physical worlds blur, making for some magical moments.

 Future Teens

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