The Association of Friends of the Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival was founded in 1998 and its members are enthusiasts and supporters of this film festival. They are not only former festival organisers and members of the University of Film and Television but also sponsors and partners of Sehsüchte and interested parties from the media industry.

The association was formed, first and foremost, with the goal to safeguard the continued existence of the festival for many years to come. Because of the particular organisational structure of the festival, in which the independent student teams change from year to year, the transfer of knowledge and preservation of a “festival memory and culture” has proven to be more difficult than at festivals with the same team every year. By integrating former organisers into the association and fostering close contact between the association’s members and the current festival organisers, we have succeeded in guaranteeing the continued existence of a festival culture and traditions while at the same time helping to implement the upcoming Sehsüchte International Student Film Festivals.

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