Sehsüchte - das internationale Studierenden Film Festival hat eine lange Tradition. Hier wollen wir einen Einblick in die Historie des Festivals geben.

Wenn du mehr zur aktuellen Ausgabe erfahren möchtest besuche bitte

Wenn du mit uns gemeinsam in Erinnerungen schwelgen möchtest, sieh dich gern um. Wir erweitern unser Archiv fortlaufend und falls du noch interessante Informationen, Dokumente oder Geschichten für uns hast, melde dich gern bei uns!

Featured Editions

As an integral part of Potsdam’s cultural landscape and the state of Brandenburg, the festival will move out of the buildings of the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF and instead find itself in the heart of Potsdam. The new festival campus will reflect the cultural diversity of the state…

Just nine months ago, Sehsüchte celebrated its 50th anniversary in unusual summery fashion, with audiences and film teams igniting our campus with all the cinephile life we had dearly missed. Though still limited by the pandemic, we’re aiming to bring back even more of those vital connections…

Im kleinen Zeitfenster der pandemischen Sommerpause findet die bisher sommerlichste Ausgabe der Sehsüchte statt. Das Jubiläum ist geprägt von Masken, QR-Codes und vielen Aktionen die vor der Filmuniversität stattfinden.

Featured Winning Films

Lili Alone
China/Singapore, 2021 | Director: Jing Zou

The young mother Lili flees from the countryside to the city to support her family financially. There, however, she falls into the clutches of a surrogacy agency and directly finds herself in another desperate situation. Within the oppressive building complex, Lili searches for security and independence.

 Best Feature Film Short (Edition 51)

The Lost Scot
United Kingdom, 2019 | Director: Julien Cornwall

Three Brits, a Scot, a rifle - in the middle of nowhere. What could go wrong? Dark British humour combined with loads of rain, mud and misunderstandings.

 Best Feature Film Short (Edition 49)

Hymyilevä Mies
Finland, 2016 | Director: Juho Kuosmanen

1962: Olli Mäki is at the beginning of his carreer as a professional boxer. He is close to winning the word title in featherweight boxing. However, instead of being driven by ambition, he is overcome with feelings of doubt. Between his loving relationship to his girlfriend and his manager's will to win, Olli needs to sort out his priorities.

 Best Feature Film (Edition 46)

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